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The naked heart

The naked heart

A film by Julien DUVIVIER
Canadian lass Marie Chapdelaine (Madeleine Renaud) is torn between two suitors, an aristocrat (Jean-Pierre Aumont) and a rugged lumberjack (Jean Gabin) in a beautifully shot 19th Century romantic triangle.


Title : The naked heart
Original title : Maria Chapdelaine
Genre : Romantic comedy, Historical Drama
Casting : Jean GABIN, Madeleine RENAUD, Robert LE VIGAN
Production status : completed
Date of release : 1934
Country of origin : France
Languages : French, English
Format : 96'
Technical specifications : Black & White, Restoration HD in 2006
Julien Duvivierís film of poetic realism hasnít lost its charm over the years.